Native American Heritage Month Lecture Series

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Sealaska Heritage Institute in Juneau, Alaska will be sponsoring a series of lectures during Native American Heritage Month. There will be lectures by David A. Boxley, Steve Brown, Robert Davidson and Perry Eaton. The series will conclude with a panel of young artists titled “Northwest Coast Art Into the Future”.

“Northwest Coast Art Into the Future” will be comprised of Alison Bremner, David R. Boxley, Rico Worl and Nicholas Galanin. The panel will take place at noon on December 3rd at the Living History Center in the Walter Soboleff Building. The event is free to the public, and a video of the panel will be posted online after the event.

December 3, 2015
Walter Soboleff Building
Juneau, AK
Free Admission

Museum of Anthropology Design Contest

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Raven&Dinos(Blue) copy

Alison Bremner is thrilled to have won her second consecutive Museum of Anthropology T-shirt Design Contest! The design, How Raven Accidentally Wiped Out the Dinosaurs, will be available for a period of one year exclusively through the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, BC.

“At a certain point in history, the Raven mythologies stop. I am interested in continuing the Raven narratives. The task we have been given as First Nations people of rebuilding our cultures is very serious. Because of that, First Nations people themselves have been cast as very serious. In attempting to stay consistent with the tone of the old stories, the Raven mythologies focus on humor while attempting to bring the stories into present day.

What did our ancestors think, if and when they encountered a massive fossil? “How Raven Accidentally Wiped Out the Dinosaurs” tells the tale of how one of Raven’s schemes elsewhere in the cosmos backfired, sending him smashing into earth. Obliterating life as it was then, and ultimately clearing the way for human civilization.”

Adult and kids’ sizes are available and can be shipped internationally. To order, contact or 604-827-4810.

Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Culture Camp

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Students paint formline designs on the drums they made

Alison Bremner recently participated in the Yakutat Culture Camp as a formline design instructor. Students learned the basic rules of formline and painted drums and rattles they had made. By the end of the 10 day camp, students were successfully combining the elements of formline to create their own designs.

It was an absolute gift to teach and spend time with the campers. Thank you to the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe for creating such a supportive and inspiring environment for our next generation!

David A. Boxley and Fred Bemis Totem Poles

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Left: Alison Bremner paints on David A. Boxley’s totem pole
Right: Bremner paints on Fred Bemis’ totem pole

2015 has been the summer of totem pole painting! Alison Bremner is fortunate to have apprenticed with Tsimshian master David A. Boxley and Tlingit artist Fred Bemis on their respective totem pole projects.

Carved in 1995, Boxley’s 40ft pole stands in Port Ludlow, WA. Bremner was part of a refurbishing team brought in to repair and repaint the pole. It is expected for a pole to require touchups after being exposed to the elements.

Fred Bemis, a Yakutat Tlingit carver, was hired by the Rasmuson Foundation and the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe to create a 12ft totem pole. The pole tells the story of the relationship between the Yakutat people and the Rasmuson Foundation family. Bremner was brought on as an apprentice to paint what was the second totem pole in post-contact Yakutat history.

Upon completion, both poles were welcomed with a day of ceremony. Thank you to David A. Boxley, Fred Bemis, the Rasmuson Foundation, and the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe for the wonderful opportunities!

In The Spirit Contemporary Native Arts Exhibit

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its2015logo_001Alison Bremner’s work will be included in the upcoming exhibition, “IN THE SPIRIT Contemporary Native Arts” at the Washington State History Museum. Located in Tacoma, WA, it is the 10th anniversary of the exhibition. The exhibit, which opens on July 16th, will be accompanied by a dance festival on August 8th.

For more information, visit:

July 16th
Washington State History Museum
Tacoma, WA


Potlatch Fund Grant

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Alison Bremner is honored to have received a 2015 Spring Native Arts Grant from Potlatch Fund.

The Tlingit culture is a visual culture. Prior to contact, an individuals crest told you who they were and their clan’s history for thousands of years back. Art was not simply decorative; it was essential to identity. Due to an all to familiar history of colonization, removalism and westernization, the presence of art has greatly diminished in Yakutat. Yakutat’s ancient art can still be seen in museums across the world.

With the assistance of the grant, Bremner will apprentice with Tsimshian master carver David Albert Boxley  for a period of two months to learn traditional mask making. At the end of the two months, Bremner will replicate an old Yakutat mask. The mask will be brought home to Yakutat for public display, and will be gifted to the community.

Gunalchéesh Potlatch Fund and David Albert Boxley!

First Place Award

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Alison Bremner’s body of work was selected for first place at the Bellingham National Exhibition & Awards! The works submitted were Cowboys N’ Indians, Alaskan Pollock and Potlatch Ban. Thank you to juror Scott Lawrimore and the Whatcom Musuem.

For more information on the pieces visit the “Work” section. For more information on the exhibition visit .

Walter Soboleff Center

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The Walter Soboleff Center opens Friday, May 15th in Juneau, Alaska. The Center, named after Tlingit leader Dr. Walter Soboleff, will be home to the Sealaska Heritage offices, an exhibition space, an artist in residence studio, as well as three monumental works by Preston Singletary, David A. and David R. Boxley, and Robert Davidson.

Alison Bremner was fortunate and honored to have worked on two of the major screens by Singletary and the Boxleys. The art pieces will be unveiled as part of the opening celebration.

In addition, Bremner’s rattle “Generations” will be on display inside the Center’s clan house.

For more information, visit:

8:30 AM
Walter Soboleff Center
Juneau, Alaska



Yakutat Tern Festival

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Alison Bremner is pleased to be the featured artist at the 2015 Yakutat Tern Festival. Bremner will be leading workshops for youth and adults, as well as unveiling several new works for display.

The mission of the festival is to highlight the natural and cultural resources of Yakutat and to stimulate the local economy by hosting a festival celebrating Aleutian Terns. Participants of the festival will enjoy birding activities, natural history field trips, art exhibits, educational events for youth and adults, Native cultural presentations and more.

For more information on the Yakutat Tern Festival, visit

May 28-31, 2015
Yakutat, AK

Bellingham National 2015

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Three of Alison Bremner’s works will be included in the upcoming Bellingham National 2015 exhibition at the Whatcom Museum. The exhibition will be juried by Scott Lawrimore, director of the University of Washington’s Jacob Lawrence Gallery.

“There is a strong undercurrent of social justice, gender identity, ecological, human rights, and other political issues running through the exhibition,” said Lawrimore.

May 31 – September 6, 2015
Whatcom Museum Lightcatcher Building
Bellingham, WA