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“Culture is not stagnant. Through contact and the technological revolution Tlingit culture is constantly adapting, observing, and searching for its place in the world.”

Alison O. Marks is a Tlingit artist born and raised in Southeast Alaska. As a child of two cultures, native and non-native, the artist brings a unique perspective to her art.

Through humor and a variety of mediums Marks seeks to depict the experience of the modern native. Painting, woodcarving, regalia and digital collage are a few of the mediums the artist employs.

In addition to her contemporary practice, Marks is committed to the revitalization of Tlingit culture in her hometown of Yakutat, Alaska. The artist finds happiness in balancing art as social commentary and art for traditional and ceremonial use.

Alison Marks has learned under master artists David R. Boxley and David A. Boxley. Her work is carried in the top Northwest Coast art galleries in Vancouver, BC, Victoria, BC, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR and Southeast Alaska. In 2013, the British Museum acquired Marks’s work for their permanent collection.

Alison Marks can be reached by email:


Alison Marks CV

Solo Exhibitions

  • Upcoming: February 2019, Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, AK
  • 11/14/17: “One Gray Hair: Alison Marks”, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA

Select Group Exhibitions

  • 05/18/17: “Four Directions”, Galerie Orenda, Paris, France
  • 03/23/17: “We Are Native Women”, Rainmaker Gallery, Bristol, UK
  • 10/15/16: “Native Hands: Indigenous Art of the Salish Sea”, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island, WA
  • 08/13/16: “Neon NDN”, SAW Gallery, Ottawa, ON, Canada
  • 08/04/16: “Out of Sight”, King Street Station, Seattle, WA
  • 06/25/16: “From One Culture to Another”, Château Musée Boulogne-sur-Mer, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
  • 06/07/16: “Juried Art Show”, Walter Soboleff Center, Juneau, AK
  • 06/02/16: “Masters of Disguise II: A Group Mask Exhibition”, Stonington Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • 04/30/16: “Culture Shift: Une Révolution Culturelle”, Art Mûr, Montréal, QC, Canada
  • 04/07/16: “Talents from Native Alaska”, Orenda Art International, Paris, France
  • 03/31/16: “Building Upon the Past, Visioning Into the Future”, Evergreen Gallery, Olympia, WA
  • 11/21/15: “Small Treasures: A Christmas Exhibition”, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 09/10/15: “Form & Function Reconstructed”, Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 07/16/15: “In the Spirit: Contemporary Native Arts”, Washington State History Museum, Tacoma, WA
  • 05/31/15: “Bellingham National 2015″, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA
  • 05/15/15: “Grand Opening Exhibit”, Walter Soboleff Center, Juneau, AK
  • 03/18/15: “Geometry of Knowing Part 4: YOU ARE HERE”, Audain Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 11/22/14: “Here & Now: Native Artists Inspired”, Burke Museum, Seattle, WA
  • 06/19/14 “In the Spirit: Contemporary Native Arts”, Washington State History Museum, Tacoma, WA
  • 06/01/14: “Claiming Space: Voices of Urban Aboriginal Youth”, O’Brian Gallery, Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 05/10/14: “A Timeless Journey III – Paddles of the Northwest Coast”, Steinbrueck Native Gallery, Seattle WA
  • 05/09/14: “First Nations Art”, Woodland Cultural Centre, Brantford ON, Canada
  • 02/18/14: “Bodies” Juried Exhibit, North Seattle Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • 02/02/14: “Thinking of Raven: A Group Exhibition”, Stonington Gallery, Seattle WA
  • 11/30/13: “Potlatch Dollars” collection launch, Steinbrueck Native Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • 11/30/13: Featured artist, “Expressions in Adornment”, Steinbrueck Native Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • 06/06/12: Sealaska Heritage Institute Juried Art Show, Juneau, AK
  • 03/12/12: “I Like Your Status” Emily Carr Aboriginal Art Exhibition, Concourse Gallery, Vancouver B.C.

Awards and Fellowships

  • Best of 2D: Print Division, Sealaska Heritage Insitute’s Juried Art Show, Juneau, AK
  • 2nd Place: Formline Division, Sealaska Heritage Institute’s Juried Art Show, Juneau, AK
  • 2015 James W. Ray Venture Project Award, Frye Art Museum/Artist Trust Consortium, Seattle, WA
  • 2015 Spring Native Arts Grant Awardee, Potlatch Fund, Seattle, WA
  • First place award, Bellingham National 2015 Art Exhibition & Awards, Whatcom Museum, Bellingham WA
  • 2014 Grants for Artist Projects recipient, Artist Trust, Seattle, WA
  • 2014 Artist Design Collection Fellow, Southwestern Association for Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM
  • Fall/Winter 2013 Native Creative Development Grant, Longhouse Education and Cultural Center, Olympia, WA
  • 2013 Spring Native Arts Awardee, Potlatch Fund, Seattle, WA
  • 12/17/12 – 12/19/12: Visiting Research Award, Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Coast Art at the Burke Museum, Seattle WA


  • 05/09/15-05/13/15: Apprenticeship with glass artist Preston Singletary
  • 09/14-06/16: Student of master artist David A. Boxley
  • 11/14-12/14: Aboriginal Visual Arts Residency, Banff Centre, Banff, Canada
  • 04/13-06/16: Student of master artist David R. Boxley

Teaching Experience

  • 11/24/25: Guest lecture, Arts of the Northwest Coast Peoples: The North, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
  • 06/21/15-06/30/15: Formline design instructor, Yakutat Culture Camp, Yakutat AK
  • 05/28/15-05/31/15: Featured artist, Yakutat Tern Festival, Yakutat AK
  • 03/05/15: Guest lecture, Burke Museum, Seattle WA
  • 03/04/15: Guest lecture, Northwest Coast Art and Culture course, University of Washington, Seattle WA
  • 08/05/13 – 08/09/13: Art kit developer, Northwest Coast Artist and K-12 Teachers Workshop, Juneau AK
  • 06/24/13 – 06/29/13: Drum-making instructor, Yakutat Culture Camp, Yakutat AK


  • 2018: Permanent collection acquisition, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA
  • 2017: Permanent collection acquisition, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Bainbridge Island, WA
  • 2016: Permanent collection acquisition, Château Musée Boulogne-sur-Mer, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
  • 2015: Permanent collection acquisition, Burke Museum, Seattle WA
  • 2015: Permanent collection acquisition, Portland Art Museum, Portland OR
  • 2014: Permanent collection acquisition, Sealaska Heritage Institute, Juneau AK
  • 2014: Permanent collection acquisition, Burke Museum, Seattle WA
  • 2013: Permanent collection acquisition, British Museum, London UK